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NTRO Music Company, LLC

Our goal is provide an organized and well-funded capital structure to support exceptional entrepreneurs, musicians, producers, and other music related events and ideas AND provide exceptional returns for our investors.

Greg Wolff, is the Founder and Business Leader of NTRO Music Company,LLC.


An Entrepreneur for nearly 30 years he has always had a passion for fun events and music. A confident guy he loves orchestrating events, getting thing going and keeping them moving; he loves being the master of ceremonies. Sometimes he may seem a bit of a braggart and inflexible but most often magnificent and magical, a leader with a motive of team success.


Many people consider Greg tough and dauntless, but the reality he has a soft heart and a guy that you will find crying at a sensitive movie scene... he truly cares about people and causes. Nearly a perfectionist you will find him determined and lucky. You want him on your team as he is a ruthless competitor. He is known to set lofty standards to live by and will recruit you to join him.


Greg has an energetic personality garnered through years of competitive sports; he believes strongly in quality of life/work balance. He plays and exercises as hard as he works. You will find him to be very honest and forthright to his friends, business partners and clients.


He grew up in St. Louis Missouri the oldest of six children, attended Vianney High School and the University of Missouri. After stints as a stock broker, headhunter, salesman he opened his first company at age 23. He now oversees portfolios of a variety of investments which include early stage companies, real estate, and... Ntro Music Company, LLC.


Of course his hobbies include music and events, but others are: chess, poker, competitive sports, reading, pinball, cycling, Harley motorcycles, scuba diving ...  basically anything fun and adventurous.


Greg is a proven leader and you want him on your team.

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